Monday, April 30, 2012

Another weekend over Another week begins

It seems like this weekend flew by so fast. It was like it was here one second and then gone the next! That statement really does hold true; Time Flies When Your Having Fun.

I had my birthday party on Friday night and it was Super fun. :) We went bowling later in the night were they did a disco thing where the lights go down and there's disco balls above the bowling lanes. My mother and I had made these shirts with mustaches on them ;). They were bright almost neon green with these cute little black mustaches we made out of black felt. They were/ are super cute and we wore them around :). My cupcakes were German chocolate and we stuck sticks in them with mustaches that matched our shirts! ;D We even wore sticky mustaches while we bowled. It was SUPER fun. After that, we all went back to my house were we ate a bunch of snacks and slept in my camper in our driveway. I have to say it was a really fun party. :)

So the songs for this week are:

Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men

Wake Up - Arcade Fire

Penelope - Pinback

Back In Time - Pitbull


And the videos for this week are:

   Fun - We Are Young - Official Video

Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men

Horse Man - Bean Man Productions

So there is your daily dose of cool, random and oddness for the day. ;) Some of the videos and music are quite odd; but even so; Who says cool has to be 'normal'

Hope you all have a good rest of your weekend! Talk to you later!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Birthday Week!, SUN BURN, The Vow

[Actually started writing this post on the 23rd of April but got side tracked and forgot about it till today the 28th so just bare with me ;)]

Well Hey There! Long time no talk, am I right?

So whats up with this new Blogger look? (For those of you who have you're own blogs and know what Im talking about.) I know all the changes to sites are supposed to make it easier or whatever but it does take a while to get used to. I had learned a few nifty tricks for the previews look and then they change it and you have to figure out how to do it all, all over again.

Anyway! So it was REALLY nice here the other day and I got a SUN BURN! I know I shouldnt be happy about that but Im just so glad the sun is finally here!! Yay!! I normally dont care for lots of heat and Im normally complaining its too hot out but Im not complaining any more. Ive been soo happy for these sunny days. It really gets you excited for Summer to get here! But its coming fast though! Yay!

So this Thursday is also my birthday! :D Im super excited. It seems like forever since my last one ;). AHHHHHH its coming soooo fast!!!

My friend, her grandma and I also went to the movie theater and watched the movie The Vow. It was a really good movie. Very sweet, sad, romantic, some things that made you laugh. I would definetly suggest you see it sometime :)

So! Songs of the week!

Mat Kearney - Ships in the Night


Arena - Panem's Best - EP - The Tributes

Bruno Mars - Somewhere In Brooklyn

Video of the Week!:

Hunger Games Music Video! "Arena" - The Tributes

Okey Dokey Guys! Ill talk to you later! Let me know what you think of the music and the video! Hope your all having a good time!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Song(s) / Video(s) of the week!

Hello everyone :)

Video of the week:

I love this band now :)

Song(s) of the week:

Remix ;)

Good song I think you'll like :)

Electric President

Just a quick little post today! Enjoy the videos/ music! Let me know what you think in a comment! I love hearing from you!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello everyone :)

So how many of you have ever watched a Toby Turner/ Tobuscus/ Toby Games video? If you have not; YouTube the heck out of it because.... dang girl... or guy... which ever (if you have watched a Tobuscus video you will most likely... hopefully... get my pun... thing... just watch. please) they're awesome.

So for those of you who have (or havn't....) -->
Toby is in a commercial for the Just Dance :) Pretty funny.

Ok... that was random. But random is cool right?

ANYWAY... so what have you all been up to lately? Havin some fun doing your 'stuff'? Let me know what you've been doing in the comments :) Have you had a spring break yet... or do you get one? I just finished my first one EVER.... How about you. First spring break ever? Tell me about it.
Ok this is getting really um... interesting. I should probobly go before I make it any weirder.....

See ya :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Song (s)/ Video(s) of the Week

Happy Monday Everybody! Its my first day back at school from Spring Break and I'm actually not as tired as I thought I would be. :) Its also the beginning of 4th quarter which means that there's only like 40 more days until SUMMER!

So here is your weekly dose of awesomeness:

Song(s) of the week:

Video Games - Lana Del Rey

We Run The Night (feat. Pitbull) - Havana Brown

I Just Wanna Run - Downtown Fiction

Video(s) of the week:

Drunk Driving Awareness - Hightop Productions

Day 1-Bean Man Productions

So there ya go! these are some of my favorite videos/ music for the week! You should definitely check out those videos too! They are really cool. Go check out their actual YouTube page too! They are really awesome :) Plus some good taste in music ;)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Videos of the Week

Alright, I'm going to do it guys! So these are just some of the videos I've recently found on YouTube that I really liked! You should check them out too they are really cool :D

So my picks for YouTube videos of the week are:
Go-Pro part A

Spring Break 
(which wont let me post the video :P So here's a link)

Songs Of The Week :)

So thanks to my friend at, I'm now going to do a song of the week once a week as consistently as I possibly can :) So I was checking out her blog and saw she was doing a Song Of The Week. I thought that was an AMAZING idea so I asked if I could do the same thing on my blog and she said yes. How cool is this going to be guys?!?

I actually think though, that I will do SONGS of the week because it would be IMPOSSIBLE for me to choose just one song. :)

So here are my songs of the week for this week- April 2nd, 2012:

Be OK - Ingrid Michaelson

It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) - Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra (1932) 

Why Am I The One - Fun

Non Photo-Blue - Pinback

So there ya go! A few songs for you to check out over the weekend! :D Let me know what you think about them and maybe even suggest some songs to me in a comment. I'm actually getting kind of inspired to do a few YouTube  videos of the week now. What would you think about that?  :D


Swing Heil :)

Hallo an alle! Wie geht es Ihnen heute? Nein, ich spreche kein Deutsch. Ich bin gerade mit Google Translate.

Hello to all! How are you today? No, I do not speak German. I am currently using Google Translate.

Haha. In case you are wondering why I decided to start this post off in German, and you haven't got it from the title of the post (although I doubt many will), let me tell you;

So these past weeks in my English class we have been reading this book called Night by Elie Wiesel. If you haven't read it, it takes place during the Holocaust from the point of view of a young Jewish boy. Its a true story and very informational and touching. It really shows how things actually were during that time... horrible. :( But it is a very good book.

After we finished reading that, our teacher had us watch a movie during the same period of time but from a German boys point of view. The movie is called Swing Kids and it is AMAZING in my opinion.
Here's a few summaries (source):
~1.     The story of a close-knit group of young kids in Nazi Germany who listen to banned swing music from the US. Soon dancing and fun leads to more difficult choices as the Nazis begin tightening the grip on Germany. Each member of the group is forced to face some tough choices about right, wrong, and survival.
~2.      Kids all over the world and all through time want to rebel. Peter Muller (Robert Sean Leonard) and Thomas Berger (Christian Bale) are two such young men whose rebellion against the conformity of Nazi Germany took the form of a love of American swing music, British fashion, and Harlem slang. But when an innocent prank forces Peter into the Hitler Youth, their friendship and their loyalties are put to the test against the seductive power of Nazism.
~3.     In Nazi Germany, the youth of the nation were pressed into joining the pro-Nazi Youth Leauge called the "Hiterjugend", or Hitler Youth. A group of rebel teenagers, however, chose to defy Nazi directives and grew their hair long and listened to American music while calling themselves the "Swing Kids." This is the story of one group of Swing Kids and how Nazi rule and persuasion tore them apart and set them against each other.

I really really REALLY liked this movie. The music and dancing in it was phenomenal also! It looked like so much fun. Whats also kind of ironic is that in gym class this week we learned how to swing dance which was SUPER fun! I loved it soooo much! :D I've been saying that in a past life I'm pretty sure I was a Swing Kid. :)

How many of you have seen this movie, read this book, or learned to swing dance? What did you think of them? Let me know! I love hearing from you! Oh and don't forget to check out my last post or two if you haven't already! :D