Monday, April 30, 2012

Another weekend over Another week begins

It seems like this weekend flew by so fast. It was like it was here one second and then gone the next! That statement really does hold true; Time Flies When Your Having Fun.

I had my birthday party on Friday night and it was Super fun. :) We went bowling later in the night were they did a disco thing where the lights go down and there's disco balls above the bowling lanes. My mother and I had made these shirts with mustaches on them ;). They were bright almost neon green with these cute little black mustaches we made out of black felt. They were/ are super cute and we wore them around :). My cupcakes were German chocolate and we stuck sticks in them with mustaches that matched our shirts! ;D We even wore sticky mustaches while we bowled. It was SUPER fun. After that, we all went back to my house were we ate a bunch of snacks and slept in my camper in our driveway. I have to say it was a really fun party. :)

So the songs for this week are:

Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men

Wake Up - Arcade Fire

Penelope - Pinback

Back In Time - Pitbull


And the videos for this week are:

   Fun - We Are Young - Official Video

Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men

Horse Man - Bean Man Productions

So there is your daily dose of cool, random and oddness for the day. ;) Some of the videos and music are quite odd; but even so; Who says cool has to be 'normal'

Hope you all have a good rest of your weekend! Talk to you later!

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