Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BIG News :D

So I have a couple BIGish things going to happen to me in my near future and I would like to tell you all about them! ...And some other things ;)
First of all though, I would like to thank all my followers for following me. It really is nice to know you enjoy reading my posts (as I read one of my fellow bloggers post :)) Its really great to read all of your blog posts as well!
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So as some of you may already know, I LOOVE music. Music is one of my main sources of life. OK maybe that's a bit of an exaduration but you get my point.... I hope. ;) ANYWAY man, I get off track quite a bit dont I? Well back to the music thing, I was wondering if perhaps any of you had any new suggestions of music for me to listen to? I am always craving some good new tunes to listen to and would love some new suggestions. I listen to just about anything but some cool little, 'not as popular' songs are really cool as well. So anything youd like to suggest to me is amazing and will be much appreciated.
I do not own this picture
This sortof has to do with one of my BIG news stories to tell you. So about a week or two ago I went into my band teachers office to play for him to be placed in a band for next year. (It is mandatory if you want to be in band) and I didnt do as well as I would have liked to but I still did pretty good :). I have been waiting for what seems like forever to find out what band I am in and it was figuratively killing me. And to make the waiting even worse, my band teacher would tell our class something along the lines of: 'Oh ya, Ill have all that posted outside the classroom tonight.' Come back in the morning... nothings there. 'Oh ya, we'll have those posted Thursday.' Thursday rolls around... nothings there. 'Oh ya we'll have them posted by Friday.' again, nothing. And then today, FINALLY they were posted outside the classroom after school. I literally think my heart skipped a few beats when I heard they were posted. As soon as I could, I rushed down to the band room to find two pieces of paper posted on the bullitin board outside the classroom. One page had the band a step up from mine - symphonic/advanced (My band this year was the lowest band :P) and the other was for the highest band in our school- wind ensemble. I searched the names under the Symphonic one first and saw the names of two of my trumpet friends and my flute friend and many more in my class. But not my name. Then I looked at the wind ensemble list and under the trumpets.....there, was my name. Im still in shock. Its going to be quite the adventure I think. Im super excited but that also means Im going to have to make some new friends with those who are probably a school year or two older than me O.o. I was also looking on the list and theres only one person (french horn) that i know and talk to daily so theres going to be A LOT of new faces...

I do not own this picture
My other big news has to do with my face. Now some of you may be like.... should I read this? DOnt worry its nothing bad ;) It GOOD big news. So in about a week I get my braces OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. And if you cant tell, im super excited. I have had these things on my face for about three years now! Dont get me wrong, I like them and appreciate their cause but its about time I get them off I think. ;) Its going to feel very, very weird though. They took some brackets off of a few of my back teeth and it feels EXTREMELY weird. I can only imagine what it will feel like with all of them off.

And last but not least, the last of my BIG news! I dont remember if I told you all this or not but just in case I didnt;
For band if you have a solo prepared, you can play it for an adjudicator with a piano accomponist during a event called District Festival, who will listen, take notes on your intonation, rhythm, sound, professionalism, etc... and then afterwords give you some advice. If you do really well, you get a 'Superior rating' meaning you are qualified to go to state; meaning you play for another adjudicator a few weeks later in the capitol of your state! Its all very exciting yet nerve- raking. So I have been taking private lesson and my tutor helped me prepare a solo for this. It was super fun to learn and such a great song. And guess what this girl was rates? SUPERIOR. :D
This Saturday my family and I are driving up to the capitol for the State Music Festival where I am playing my solo yet again (with improvements) for another adjudicator and some other soloists from around the state. I am super excited and yet nervous. But thats normal right? ;)
So now that I've chatted your ear off I better let you go for now. Ill talk to you later though! Let me know what you thinkn whatever, just leave me a comment! I love hearing from you!