Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pistures much needed! :)

So I think its about time I put some pictures. Its been way to long since I'v actually posted anything for that matter! ;) Thanks for putting up with my 'unscheduled' posts. Life is busy ;) SO.... heres some of the pictures I'v taken recently. I have been having way to much fun with Instagram on my Ipod. ;) hehe

At my friend's 15th birthday party we went to light the candles on her cake when we saw this:
a piece of the cake gone and only a little notice was left reading; "Quality Control Was Here." ;D How great is that.

One of my favorite quotes :)

Ok so my friend Hannah and I were eating some popcorn when we pulled out this piece of popcorn.
Tell me that doesnt look like a bunny!?! :D

Friendship. :)

My Dad decorated my Moms car for Valentines day! How sweet! They were all over the car when my mom came out of her work ;)

How have you all been? :)
Hunger Games is coming out in theaters in less than a month!!!! Ahhh! Im so excited! Ive already got tickets to go with my friends to go to the premiere. ;) What about you guys?

Ooo! So check out this video:
Its super sad but also really good :)


Friday, February 17, 2012

For Thou Are Graciously Here --translation--> Hello

So for my Drama class this semester I had to memorize a monologue and guess which one I was given? No other than Romeo and Juliet. And who am I? Thou are fair and kindly Juliet. ;) so for the past week and a half I have been studying up a storm. Last night I was up untill 11pm! On a school night!!! :O lucky I memorized it and was 100% ready to have my line check today.... Only instead of a line check, we watched a performance on DVD.... So your telling me, I stayed up 'till how late on a school night for no reason? Oh my. ;) and no offense to those of you who are but I am NOT a big fan of Shakespeare at all. :P oh well I've memorized it and now I'm going to "boss" (do REALLY good) my performance. :) have any of you had to memorize a monologue before? If so, what was it? Anything funny happen that you would be willing to share?