Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall is here!

The leaves are falling and there is cold chill biting at your nose. Fall is here! The other day, my photography club and I all went out walking and took pictures of all the leaves. It was super fun and super pretty. Especially when the sun shines through the leaves, illuminating each and every one of them. :)
Here are the results! :D

I absolutely love the smell of fall. It just has that distinct smell! I guess it could be the leaves but to me its just... Fall! ;) hehe

I'd also like to say Welcome to my blog! Those of you who are just checking it out! I encourage you to stick around, join the club. ;) Follow me, comment, what eva' ya want! :D Thanks for coming! Come back sooooon ;)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wowwie! Early Christmas list. ;)

I was checking out some videos on portrait photography yesterday when I came across someone who was talking about using Lensbaby lenses. They were talking about how they loved the diversity and that these lenses where perfect for taking senior photos. So, interested, I decided to look these babys up (no pun intended haha).

You can check the website out here.

I instently fell in love with these wonderfull lenses! I love how much control you have over your picture and how different each one looks! After I looked at some of the pictures people have taken with these lenses I knew these lenses where going on my christmas list!

The photo gallary can be seen here. I escpecially love the double glass optic portraits but they are all REALLY awesome!

I guess I gotta start saving now! :D Or I guess I could wait 'till Christmas and ask for them as a gift....but that seems so far away! ;) Hehe

So what do you think of the lenses? Have any of you used these lenses before? Give me your feedback! I love to hear from ya!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

HOLLY CAMOLE! long time no see!

Wow...... Its been a long time huh? Im super sorry its been so long but Ive been busy busy BUSY! Like a bee bzzzzz. ;)
So over this time, as you know, I've been doing lots of stuff as a Freshman in high school! :) Its super fun and there are so many oppertunities! I have recently joined two clubs through the Flagship program; Writers circle aswell as Photography club! :) Both are super fun and I am learning as well as improving in each one.

This is ONE of my favorite photos I took of my friend Sarah who is also in photography club.

This is a picture I took when my club walked down to the river where a kayaker was. 

I know this was short but I wanted to give you at least a little something to look at. I hope you keep coming back and checking for something new. Untill then, comment comment Comment! Let me know what you think of my pictures, what you'de like to see me take pictures of or do in the future. I love to hear from you! Also if you like my blog feel free to follow it!