Saturday, April 28, 2012

Birthday Week!, SUN BURN, The Vow

[Actually started writing this post on the 23rd of April but got side tracked and forgot about it till today the 28th so just bare with me ;)]

Well Hey There! Long time no talk, am I right?

So whats up with this new Blogger look? (For those of you who have you're own blogs and know what Im talking about.) I know all the changes to sites are supposed to make it easier or whatever but it does take a while to get used to. I had learned a few nifty tricks for the previews look and then they change it and you have to figure out how to do it all, all over again.

Anyway! So it was REALLY nice here the other day and I got a SUN BURN! I know I shouldnt be happy about that but Im just so glad the sun is finally here!! Yay!! I normally dont care for lots of heat and Im normally complaining its too hot out but Im not complaining any more. Ive been soo happy for these sunny days. It really gets you excited for Summer to get here! But its coming fast though! Yay!

So this Thursday is also my birthday! :D Im super excited. It seems like forever since my last one ;). AHHHHHH its coming soooo fast!!!

My friend, her grandma and I also went to the movie theater and watched the movie The Vow. It was a really good movie. Very sweet, sad, romantic, some things that made you laugh. I would definetly suggest you see it sometime :)

So! Songs of the week!

Mat Kearney - Ships in the Night


Arena - Panem's Best - EP - The Tributes

Bruno Mars - Somewhere In Brooklyn

Video of the Week!:

Hunger Games Music Video! "Arena" - The Tributes

Okey Dokey Guys! Ill talk to you later! Let me know what you think of the music and the video! Hope your all having a good time!


Ginger said...

Happy almost birthday!
I find almost every blogger have a birthday in or near April, for some reason. Maybe most good writers are conceived in the Summer? Have a nice day!

McKenna said...

Thanks a bunch! Ive noticed that a bit too. :) Kinda funny hehe. Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you liked it!