Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello everyone :)

So how many of you have ever watched a Toby Turner/ Tobuscus/ Toby Games video? If you have not; YouTube the heck out of it because.... dang girl... or guy... which ever (if you have watched a Tobuscus video you will most likely... hopefully... get my pun... thing... just watch. please) they're awesome.

So for those of you who have (or havn't....) -->
Toby is in a commercial for the Just Dance :) Pretty funny.

Ok... that was random. But random is cool right?

ANYWAY... so what have you all been up to lately? Havin some fun doing your 'stuff'? Let me know what you've been doing in the comments :) Have you had a spring break yet... or do you get one? I just finished my first one EVER.... How about you. First spring break ever? Tell me about it.
Ok this is getting really um... interesting. I should probobly go before I make it any weirder.....

See ya :)