Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games Premiere, New Hat, Unoffial movie productions, :)

Heyo! I'm back!So on Thursday night/ Friday morning I went to the midnight premiere with a few of my friends! We've been counting down to this for a finniking looooooooooooooooooooong time (hehe hunger games nerd pun). We got there a few hours early and had to wait but it was totally worth it :) It was so much fun waiting too. My friend Zac and I played a few games on my iPod and then we laughed and talked and we all started to play a Hunger Games card game but it took us like the whole rest of our time to even figure out the directions. ;) haha.
Seneca Crane from the Hunger Games.
I'm in love with this man's beard ;D

I also got a new hat this weekend! Its really comfy, fun and cool ;) And a new haircut ;)

So I found this really cool unofficial movie production 'dealio' on Facebook. They have a YouTube account so you can watch all they're videos there. You should check them out! Pretty dang 'shnazy' :D
Heres the link to their facebook page:
Bean Man Productions

I hope you've all had a good weekend and have a good week! Have you seen the Hunger Games yet? Did you go to the premiere? What'd ya think? Let me know! I love hearing from you! :D

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What are your plans?

What do you plan on doing with your life in the future? Or do you have any plan at all?

Today my English teacher was talking to us about how we are going to have to get serious about life and all and work hard and try to understand things in more detail... Don't get me wrong, shes a good teacher and all but this just rubbed me the wrong way. I started thinking about how I already do think more in depth about certain things but what fun is that? I need my me time, all day everyday. I don't want to change just to please someone else.

I know this isn't exactly what my teacher was talking about and no offense to her at all or anything but it really got me thinking about what I really want to do in my life. How I just want to be ME and have fun with everything and anything I do!!

What are your thoughts on this? Anyone have any plans or thoughts on your future? Or, if you are already in an occupation, do you love it? If not, what would you rather do?

Thursday, March 8, 2012


So how many of you have seen this cat? If you havnt, well, you have now! Ive sortof seen him before from my friend but then today in the halls someone had drawn this cat, taped him to the wall along with a trail of rainbow behind him! Isn't that awesome?!? Tonight on Facebook, my friend posted this link to NYAN CAT and his little song he sings over and over and OVER AND OVER!!!! Its kindof a nerdy thing to do but you can see how long you will 'NYAN'. How long will you? (*laughs* as you can tell, Im having a hard time starting to post smiley faces again! Plus he doesnt believe I did it so Im going to go a few extra days I think just to.. I dont know prove it a bit more? *laughs* P.S. If you have NOOO idea what Im talking about, check out this post so you can catch up on the no smiley face thing) Well, only a short post tonight! I have to finish studying for two tests tomorrow! 'Night!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Joy, Friday, Smiley Faces and Parkour

Its FRIDAY! Believe it or not you actually made it through another week of school and its drama..... Congrats!

 Ive actually had a really awesome week!

On Tuesday my school band had a band festival the girls had to wear dresses and the boys had to wear tuxes. And since our school is pretty close to the University (were it was being held) we walked there and it was REALLY cold! My fingers were about frozen when we got there! We played a few songs in front of some other school bands and some judges and then listened to the other bands play the rest of the day. It was super fun!

The next day was super fun too! Believe it or not Wednesday was a math competition. I'm just a nerd like that. Math is actually one of my favorite subjects! So some of us who wanted to, went to that competition all day (which was also at the University)! It was really fun. Only I had to make up a few yucky assignments and quizzes since I missed.

Have you noticed anything different about this post? I bet you haven't but WAIT WAIT don't go looking.... unless you really want to.... OK... go ahead... 5 seconds
Alright. did you figure it out? Well, if you haven't; I haven't been using ANY smiley faces! Wanna know why? Sure you do. That's why you're here!
So I use smiley faces a lot when typing on any electronic device. And when I say 'a lot', I mean A LOT!!!!!! You may have noticed this before but anyway!.... I was texting one of my best friends and we were talking and eventually I ended up saying that it would be very hard for me to stop adding smiley faces to everything and that eventually turned into a challenge. For me atleast. I said that I wouldn't type a single smiley face untill the end of the week. My friend, being the stuborn but funny person he is, countered back with 'You can stop next Wednesday' that way it would be a WHOLE week without me typing a single smiley face! He doubts I can do it so Im doing it to prove him wrong! Only 5 more days to go......

So I have recently found a great intrest for the sport of Parkour! (Of course I have not attempted it but it looks fun!)Incase you dont know what that is: "the sport of moving along a route, typically in a city, trying to get around or through various obstacles in the quickest and most efficient manner possible, as by jumping, climbing, or running" (credit to You could probobly youtube it and find some really awesome videos of people doing it too! I really think it would be something really fun to do! Although it could be reeeaaaaalllllly dangerous..... still... I would LOOOOOVVVVEEEE to take some pictures of people doing parkour! Maybe a summer job?!?

 Here are some really cool Parkour pictures that unfortunetly I didn't take but wish I had!


I hope you all had a good week! Comment below and tell me your fun plans for the weekend? Any inspiring words for my long 5 days left of no smiley faces? Talk to you later!