Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What are your plans?

What do you plan on doing with your life in the future? Or do you have any plan at all?

Today my English teacher was talking to us about how we are going to have to get serious about life and all and work hard and try to understand things in more detail... Don't get me wrong, shes a good teacher and all but this just rubbed me the wrong way. I started thinking about how I already do think more in depth about certain things but what fun is that? I need my me time, all day everyday. I don't want to change just to please someone else.

I know this isn't exactly what my teacher was talking about and no offense to her at all or anything but it really got me thinking about what I really want to do in my life. How I just want to be ME and have fun with everything and anything I do!!

What are your thoughts on this? Anyone have any plans or thoughts on your future? Or, if you are already in an occupation, do you love it? If not, what would you rather do?


Ginger said...

Choosing a future is just so stressful.. I've chosen a path, one that is long and complicated that I'm sure I'll enjoy - I think the key factor is to just choose something you're passionate about, even now, and she where that leads you. Next year, we have to pick official career paths and then choose subjects for exams accodingly - if you don't take a subject, you can never do something related to it! This is a demanding time, especially when you're 15 and picking a life path! My advice for you is just see where life takes you, and put whatever you find most fun into action as a career.
I enjoy your blog, by the way :)

McKenna said...

Thank you very much! Ya, that seems a bit extreme to have you pick that soon... and there are soooo many possibilities!

Karuna said...

well, i dont know exactly what i will be some day, but i definitly have ideas. but, then, i might be a entirely different person in several years. i mean, i dream a lot about being a professional photographer, or a doing something with horses, or something with music.
but these are just things i am really into right now.
i think that whoever you are meant to grow up to be, you will!
keep dreaming!
<3 karuna

FYITeenageLife said...

I would Love to be a journalist int eh fashion industry! But I also love radio so somwhere in the media industry I think. I would also love to move to america from England for a couple of years :)
Love your blog!

McKenna said...

Thanks a bunch guys! That's really cool. I hope you all find something that's PERFECT for you :)