Thursday, March 8, 2012


So how many of you have seen this cat? If you havnt, well, you have now! Ive sortof seen him before from my friend but then today in the halls someone had drawn this cat, taped him to the wall along with a trail of rainbow behind him! Isn't that awesome?!? Tonight on Facebook, my friend posted this link to NYAN CAT and his little song he sings over and over and OVER AND OVER!!!! Its kindof a nerdy thing to do but you can see how long you will 'NYAN'. How long will you? (*laughs* as you can tell, Im having a hard time starting to post smiley faces again! Plus he doesnt believe I did it so Im going to go a few extra days I think just to.. I dont know prove it a bit more? *laughs* P.S. If you have NOOO idea what Im talking about, check out this post so you can catch up on the no smiley face thing) Well, only a short post tonight! I have to finish studying for two tests tomorrow! 'Night!


Izzy Bee said...

heck ya! nyan nyan nyan nyan!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, the song gets stuck in my head so bad!!!!! i cant believe that people actually get entertainment from this!

- catherine

Ginger said...

Nyan nyan nyan aAAAAAAaaaaaaaaAaaaaAA! I've just gotten over my Nyan cat obsession, but now I'm just started again.

Anonymous said...

By the way, t-a-g! you're it :-)

Sweet_but_Deadly said...

lol love that song.
ALso if u did not see on my blog, the mouse is the Nyan Cat :)