Friday, March 2, 2012

Joy, Friday, Smiley Faces and Parkour

Its FRIDAY! Believe it or not you actually made it through another week of school and its drama..... Congrats!

 Ive actually had a really awesome week!

On Tuesday my school band had a band festival the girls had to wear dresses and the boys had to wear tuxes. And since our school is pretty close to the University (were it was being held) we walked there and it was REALLY cold! My fingers were about frozen when we got there! We played a few songs in front of some other school bands and some judges and then listened to the other bands play the rest of the day. It was super fun!

The next day was super fun too! Believe it or not Wednesday was a math competition. I'm just a nerd like that. Math is actually one of my favorite subjects! So some of us who wanted to, went to that competition all day (which was also at the University)! It was really fun. Only I had to make up a few yucky assignments and quizzes since I missed.

Have you noticed anything different about this post? I bet you haven't but WAIT WAIT don't go looking.... unless you really want to.... OK... go ahead... 5 seconds
Alright. did you figure it out? Well, if you haven't; I haven't been using ANY smiley faces! Wanna know why? Sure you do. That's why you're here!
So I use smiley faces a lot when typing on any electronic device. And when I say 'a lot', I mean A LOT!!!!!! You may have noticed this before but anyway!.... I was texting one of my best friends and we were talking and eventually I ended up saying that it would be very hard for me to stop adding smiley faces to everything and that eventually turned into a challenge. For me atleast. I said that I wouldn't type a single smiley face untill the end of the week. My friend, being the stuborn but funny person he is, countered back with 'You can stop next Wednesday' that way it would be a WHOLE week without me typing a single smiley face! He doubts I can do it so Im doing it to prove him wrong! Only 5 more days to go......

So I have recently found a great intrest for the sport of Parkour! (Of course I have not attempted it but it looks fun!)Incase you dont know what that is: "the sport of moving along a route, typically in a city, trying to get around or through various obstacles in the quickest and most efficient manner possible, as by jumping, climbing, or running" (credit to You could probobly youtube it and find some really awesome videos of people doing it too! I really think it would be something really fun to do! Although it could be reeeaaaaalllllly dangerous..... still... I would LOOOOOVVVVEEEE to take some pictures of people doing parkour! Maybe a summer job?!?

 Here are some really cool Parkour pictures that unfortunetly I didn't take but wish I had!


I hope you all had a good week! Comment below and tell me your fun plans for the weekend? Any inspiring words for my long 5 days left of no smiley faces? Talk to you later!


Karuna said...

good for you with the whole no smiley faces thing, LOL i use smiley faces a lot too.
what instrument do you play ? i play the fiddle :D
have an awesome weekend..
i am playing my fiddle tomorrow, cuz i am part of the Fiddling Friends...we are playing at the museum :)
have an awesome day!

Anonymous said...

Hey, i followed your blog, it looks really good!
I have that problem, but instead of smiley faces i type winks ';)'.
Anyway, your blog looks awesome and you seem like a great person, can't wait to read more!

follow mine if ya like it?

McKenna said...

Thanks! I've been playing trumpet for 5 years now I think and I reaally like it! And thats so cool! I used to play the violin when I was waaaayy younger. I hope your Fiddling Friends thing went good!

McKenna said...

Dear Anonymous thank you! and thanks for checking out my blog! Of course Ill follow you! Your blog looks really awesome!