Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pistures much needed! :)

So I think its about time I put some pictures. Its been way to long since I'v actually posted anything for that matter! ;) Thanks for putting up with my 'unscheduled' posts. Life is busy ;) SO.... heres some of the pictures I'v taken recently. I have been having way to much fun with Instagram on my Ipod. ;) hehe

At my friend's 15th birthday party we went to light the candles on her cake when we saw this:
a piece of the cake gone and only a little notice was left reading; "Quality Control Was Here." ;D How great is that.

One of my favorite quotes :)

Ok so my friend Hannah and I were eating some popcorn when we pulled out this piece of popcorn.
Tell me that doesnt look like a bunny!?! :D

Friendship. :)

My Dad decorated my Moms car for Valentines day! How sweet! They were all over the car when my mom came out of her work ;)

How have you all been? :)
Hunger Games is coming out in theaters in less than a month!!!! Ahhh! Im so excited! Ive already got tickets to go with my friends to go to the premiere. ;) What about you guys?

Ooo! So check out this video:
Its super sad but also really good :)



Ginger said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Your cats are so pretty, I'd love to have one, but it would almost certainly be killed by farming machines out here.
Oh well...
Nice pictures, I think it was so kind of your Dad to decorate your Mom's car with flowers! :)

Karuna said...

very nice!

Sunny said...

great.. i'm thinking of posting some too.. your photos have a good feel..what cam do you use?

McKenna said...

Wow thanks a bunch guys! Lately all I've been using is the Instagram app on my iPod. I still need to download pictures of my actuall camera though so I'll start using that again ;)

Izzy Bee said...

i am the best quality control ever ;)