Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas COOKIES! :D Yummmmm

So what did I do over the weekend? I made Christmas cookies of course! My parents, being the creative people they are, came up with the idea to make Christmas cookie trees!
Cute huh?!? :D Who wants to know how to make these? :)

  1. First make some cookie dough (gingerbread would work too) and if you want to make it easier on yourself, dye the dough green ;)
  2. PUT FLOUR DOWN ON A TOWEL/HANDS/ROLLING PIN/DOUGH ;) seriously or it will stick but not too much or it wont stick at all! Knead the dough a little bit, than roll it out with a rolling pin.
3. Use some multiple sized star cookie cutters and cut different stars out! (Your tree will look taller and more tree like with two of each size)

4. Place the cookies on a pan and bake them in the oven! :) Don't peek until they are done, they might run away! ;D

5. Frost them up! Dye the frosting green but leave some white if you want snow on your trees!

6. Stack them up and add any candies you want as decorations.

You can also decorate plain cookies too ya know!

YUM YUM YUM! Enjoy! Yay! Getting close to the holidays! Who's excited? :D

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