Sunday, December 11, 2011

Musings on a Sunday

Heyo! Happy Sunday everybody! haha.
So I felt like making a list of some of the things I'm really "into" recently :)

  1. I've recently found a few new blogs and one of them, The Way I See The World, has really caught my eye :) One of her posts, Using The Media To Your Advantage, has been SUPER help full and I suggest you check it out! :D
  2. The song "Concerning Hobbits" by Howard Shore I believe. I absolutely LOVE Irish music and all that kind of stuff. I actually used to play the violin when I was younger. I'm not exactly sure why I stopped though. :/ (I play the Trumpet now though and I really like that! :))
  3. Teen Vogue. Its a really great magazine and I am actually having my mom pick me up the new one while she's out. :) Thanks Mom! :D
  4. Braided Hairstyles! Today I did a Casual yet classy up do, and I really like it! :D 
    OK so I know It's pretty messy and its a funky picture but its Sunday. ;) Its a day to just be lazy :)
  6. My baby kitten O'Malley! He's such a sweetie pie! So cute and lovable and soft :) He's actually purring in my lap right now. :D
    I took this picture of my baby the other day on my phone when he was sleeping on my parents bed. How CUTE! :)
I hope you had a great weekend! And remember, only about 13 days left 'till Christmas! :D



anwesha said...

your blog is awesome!!!

McKenna said...

Wow! Thanks a bunch! :D

Lexi's Blog said...

Your cat is really pretty.

McKenna said...

Haha thanks! He's such a sweety! :)