Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Its here :)

Well we've finally made it to Christmas break! Well at least I did today. My cousins actually got out last Friday I believe! Lucky haha.So who's excited for the Holidays? New Years? Can you believe that it is almost 2012? Crazy!

Alright so that was pretty random but I don't really have a theme for this post. Its just a bunch of hodgepodge mix mach stuff today. :) But that's OK because sometimes its fun to do just that. :)
How was every one's week? Or well, half a week I should say.

So my December actually hasn't even been that snowy until TODAY! Its crazy! Its normally really cold and chilly by now! I bet there's about 5 inches out there already! This morning, when my Dad was taking me into school, it was so slick and it was pretty hard to see the roads because of the snow storm! Well :/ I'm not sure if you can exactly call it a storm but it was snowing hard. It was snowing BIG FAT flakes! :) But, my mom just informed me that during the next few days its supposed to warm up again so by Sunday there may not be that much snow left. :/ Dang.

So I plan on doing a little reading over the break. Does anyone have any suggestions? I love reading almost any kind of books so pretty much anything you suggest I'll check out :) Thanks

Tomorrow I have another orthodontist appointment and they are going to attach my last back molar tooth to the rest of my teeth/braces. O.o The problem? That back tooth isnt in very much so the braces are going to be REALLY pulling on it. :/ And that means my mouth is gunna hurt for awhile. :P

Any way! On a happier, postive note, cookies are yummy. :) Like REALLY yummy. Especially with milk.

Oh my gosh! I don't know how many candycanes I ate today! CRAZY! lol. I bet I had one in like every class today. :) Haha I dont like the multicolored ones though. Traditional red and white are my favorite. :) Except candy canes are sticky and they make my moth all sticky sometimes. haha. How about you? Whats your favorite kind?

Well, thats proboblly enough rambling for now. ;) Hope you have a great rest of the week and a very merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanika, whatever you celebrate. :)

Untill next time!

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