Thursday, August 18, 2011

High School Soccer

6:30 a.m.          "McKenna. McKenna get up it's time to get up. Soccer today."
Since monday morning I've been waking up to this early in the morning to get ready for soccer try outs. Lots of running, scrimages, and fitness to see if you could be usefull to the highschool team.
At 9a.m. its break time. One can head home and take a nap and get some grub or sit in the stream not to far from the fields. Practice starts back up at 11a.m. which is mostly for scrimages against fellow team mates. And finally at 12:30p.m, your free to go home and get a shower! Its been a good week so far im a little sore but I feel great! I LOVE soccer!
And, in conclusion........dun dun da duh! I made the team!!!!! :D Im very excited for the actual season to start!
Soccer 4 Eva!


Izzy Bee said...

I wish i had the motivation to do sports.

McKenna said...

Silly Izzy. You have all the motivation you need.....ME! ;D Haha you just have to find something you really enjoy doing! :)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Congrats on making the team McKenna!! How exciting! I also played soccer on high school and I loved it! Def alot of work that's for sure. What position do you play?

McKenna said...

I love to play the very back defencive player (sweeper) but I will play any defencive posistion. :) I love soccer even if it is a lot of work. ;) What did you play? :)