Friday, August 5, 2011

My Art

So just the other day I made this and absolutely love it! Rainbows and Music Notes! I love color and I love art so what better way then to make something that mixes them both together?!?

I may even have to post a 'How To' post one of these days. ;)


Mother said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear McKenna,

Thanks for sending me your blog addy I will check it
and read often.
I think you have real talent and have always enjoyed
looking at your art.
As always I enjoyed seeing all of you just hate the good
byes. Tell the girls I love them and will miss them.
Hope they are feeling better by now.
One more thing I am very proud as you are growing into
a beautiful young woman. Keep up good work you have
so many adventures to experience. Have fun I know you
will along the way.

Love Gma
Ps previous delete was mine

McKenna said...

Thanks Grandma! Love ya so much! ;D

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

McKenna this is so beautiful! I cant wait for you to do a how to! I am the worst painter and would love some tips :)

McKenna said...

Haha. Thank you very much. :)