Saturday, January 28, 2012

125th birthday of world's largest observed snowflake and my playlist

On this day, 125 years ago (1887), the worlds largest snowflake to ever be observed was recorded in Fort Keogh, Montana! :D How cool is that? It was 38cm (15in) in diameter! :O Thats crazy!

Fun little fact for the day :). So I've been adding a few more songs to my iPod and I now have 16 songs ;) Yay me! I thought it would be kindof fun to add my playlist onto my blog so you could all see what I was listening to. Unfortunetly I dont know how to add a MP3 player or anything to the side of my blog so it would be very helpfull if any of you guys had any tips on how to do that. thanks. :) [I also have the Hot Chelle Rae - Whatever - CD my mom gave me. Amazing!] Anyway, playlist:

  1. Deep Shadow ("The Hunger Games" Trailer Music) --> ZerOKilled Trailer Music
  2. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall --> Clodplay
  3. Good Feeling --> Flo Rida
  4. Hunger --> Vitaliy Zavadskyy
  5. Hunger Games! "I Wanna Go" - WinterSpringPro
  6. I Like It Like That (feat. New Boyz) --> Hot Chelle Rae
  7. Dowtown Girl --> Hot Chelle Rae
  8. Iridescent --> Linkin Park
  9. Safe & Sound (From "The Hunger Games" Soundtrack) [feat. The Civil Wars] --> Taylor Swift
  10. Set Fire to the Rain --> Adele
  11. Stereo Hearts (feat. Adam Levine) --> Gym Class Hereos
  12. Tonight (I'm Lovin' You) [feat. Ludacris & DJ Frank E] --> Enrique Iglesias
  13. We Found Love (feat. Clavin Harris) --> Rihanna
  14. Why Don't You Love Me (feat. Demi Lovato) --> Hot Chelle Rae
  15. 1,000 Ships --> Rachel Platten
  16. Beautiful Freaks --> Hot Chelle Rae

Well I hope you enjoy :) I know, im obsessed with Hunger Games ;). Haha. Any more suggestions? Im totally still looking for some! I dont care where you're from or what kind of music it is! I love listening to all sorts of music! Check out the poll on the side of my blog aswell! Comment! Love hearing from you! Untill Next time!


Sunny said...

Oooh, more songs I can check out.. Try Demi Lovato's 'One and the same' , 'Supermassive BlackHole' by Muse, and 'Who Says' by Selena Gomez...
And I thought about the mp3 thing too but decided against it because then the page would take too long to load.. or will the pros outweigh the cons?

Karuna said...

I am obsessed with safe and sound....i listen to it at least 2 times a day :P
I love "Princess of china" by coldplay and rhianna (the cover by ali and connor brustofski is AMAZING,
and you can buy it on itunes)
also "we owned the night" by lady antebellum.

Karuna said...

check out my blog:
i just put a bunch of pix on...