Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Puppy Dog Kisses

This past weekend, my grandmother came over to visit! It was so fun and very nice to see her again! But just Saturday, a big suprise took place. We were renting the movie Rango and had just gone to the grocery to get some food and such, when my grandma spotted a sign on the bulletin board. 3 Jack Russel Tarrior's for sale. My grandmother had been wanting a dog sometime soon and her favorite kind was a Jack Russel. So, naturally, she was interested. We wrote down the number and called the owner after getting our grocieries. Later that night, my mom, grandma and I went to see the puppies.
My grandmother ended up falling in love with the runt of the 3 puppy litter and bought him right there on the spot. He is the cutest little puppy and so playfull and sweet. Eventually, after a LOOOOOONG time of thinking, the little pup got a name. Randgo. Since if we had never rented the movie Rango and saw the add for the puppies in the grociery store, Rango would have never become my grandma's! How cute!

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